This isn’t a straightforward relationship but it is soooo value they

This isn’t a straightforward relationship but it is soooo value they

aquarius females which have a great leo boyfriend, they are therefore nice, caring, enjoying, and very supporting during my suggestions oftentimes . He’s and a great adviser to me. They are 36 months more than. after 4 many years of understood him and you will 2yrs regarding dating him , i will be beginning to see him .he could be allowes his considered get the best out-of him , we’re contrary but we do have the same needs . their pride and you can my personal pride is what trigger me to enjoys a romance and you may hate matchmaking , i cant with him or in the place of him .as he is actually delighted they are really playful but when the guy is actually stress it far better render your their area… as he is actually hurt by anybody else ,he or she is need certainly to pampamed and you will bad but when it of the your .run bring about they can get abusive

You will find just hitched my Leo immediately after 7 age with her. He or she is the most painful and sensitive, enjoying, compassionate, mindful, humorous, funny, hardworking, brilliant, bad tempered stubborn man I ever satisfied. Leo is really easy to see. He’s the man, the brand new heart of the universe. Lose your as such, research so you can him, honor your, respect your and remember .. he or she is never wrong ?? the benefits you will experience far out weigh the sporadic rough journey. Absolutely I never ever know people man far more, then again I’m an Aquarian with Leo Ascendant therefore perhaps we understand one another since the our company is, at a certain breadth quite similar. He’s my personal soulmate.

In addition agree that aqua grl and leo guy provides an effective biochemistry however they are self-centered and also managing and bad tempered however, i enjoy him alot and i discover he cares on the me personally plenty , i know he’ll destroy over me personally , he rating jealouse in regards to the tiniest something

Agree with your own blog Personally i think. But you have made a great some one and you may bad some one no matter celebrity cues. You will need to grab opportunity in the event it feels right and you will study on sense.

You will find yet to get to know a dependable, reliable Leo kid… my buddy try a great Leo and you may from exposure to one another Leo’s was in fact hurtful to help you family and partners… which inturn renders me in an effective ‘no-go area’ with them

I do believe there are an excellent Leo’s nowadays someplace who has a well-balanced ego, however for myself ‘friendship’ is the perfect place it’s going to initiate stop this time round… pity in the event since chemistry ranging from Leo and Aqua Iis aside of world..

I agree with both you and is assuring your she misses your in addition to dazzling interests you mutual We certainly skip my Leo kid. However, never particularly uncertainty and possibly all the ”proof sleeping and perhaps cheat ‘ was only coincidental…but Aqua females try not to for example curious along with my personal case this new exposure are too-big to have a second opportunity. I can state away from my cardio you to definitely Leo was my soulmate however, my attention is exactly what try keeping me sane after the breakup. I hope you notice your Aqua lady for a lifetime!

, being a keen Aqua women me, I would perhaps not care and attention extreme I have already been ffriends using my exes in addition they failed to change my personal ideas regarding the my personal after that Leo guy… I think it is purely a friendship matter, Aqua peeps do not such as with opposition (feels as though partial business) – whether or not it do make us feel uncomfortable next confront this lady and you can let her be truthful. If only you-all the best ??

I am an Aquarius people and possess old Aries (great sex life but he’s cheated on every woman and myself), Cancer (very intimate, warm however, apparently hold on to previous mental failures), Aquarius (dating too short due to issues past the handle -but preferred new similarities) and you can my past guy was an effective Leo and this are the best and you can poor link to date.. the guy brought out the best in the me and you can I have never felt thus live. Love life and you will emotionally we were strong and you may supporting, appreciative however, encountered the really heated arguments. This has been 6 months and never 1 day goes on that I really don’t think about your… he’s got moved on. Learned he was constantly sleeping and possibly cheat.. Leo hates being confronted and will refuse all of it despite proof facing your… regardless of the last mentioned bit, I might state Leo would make the best match getting Aquarius.. when it comes to thinking and you will requirements I am struggling to find my personal star signal suits…

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